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The desk is the most important piece of furniture that is in your office. It is the one place where you get the most done, whether this is a home office where you do bills and work from home, or your office desk at work; it is the center of your work environment. What this means is that you need a desk that not only looks good, but one that is completely functional.

If you are thinking about building your own, you have to take several factors into account. Size, storage, type of wood, and more. That is why you need to find the right plans to suit your needs. There are many different places online to get plans, so there is sure to be one that works for you. Here are the things that make a great desk plan.

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Things to look out for

    • List of Tools – Every great plan should tell you exactly what the tools you will need will be. They should tell you when and how to set up and use the tools to do the work you need to do.
    • List of Supplies – Just like tools, every desk plan should come with all the supplies you’ll need. It should list the materials in one central place so you can create a shopping list easily, without having to hunt through the entire article to find the things you’ll need to build your desk.
    • List of Cuts – You’ll need to know exactly what sizes the wood for your project should be cut. The reason why the plan should have this is because it will allow you to make the cuts for the entire project in one fell swoop, instead of having to go back and forth between the build and your saw area.
    • Specific Step-by-Step Instructions – This is the most important part of every plan. If the instructions that are included are vague, or are incomplete, you’ll end up half way through your project without a way to continue. Or even worse, you’ll have to guess at what the plan actually meant for you to do.

Free desk plans
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  • Images – Your plans should have at least a few images. Humans can process instructions better when there are pictures. They are especially helpful when the instructions turn out to be less than well written.


There are two things you should do before you settle on a plan.

  1. Look to see if it has all the things listed above
  2. Make sure you understand ever single step

Desk building plans
If you can successfully assure yourself that you can understand the steps, and know that the desk plan is complete, you can safely get started on it right away. Avoid plans that you have any doubts about, because chances are those doubts will become realized at the worse possible point. Finally, only download them from sources you trust. This will make it even less likely that you problems midway through your build.