Simple Desk

Purchasing furniture for a home office can be budget straining so why not consider how to build a simple desk rather than buy one? Allowing your inner craftsman to come through and create a piece that will stay in your room for years to come can mean not only putting some extra dollars in your pocket but also a sense of self pride that you will enjoy for years to come. If you are unsure of how to build a simple woodworking projects, consider the following tips and tricks to get you started in the process.

Choosing Your Location

Figuring out how to build a simple desk that meets your needs will depend on the space that you have. For example, they can be free standing, attached to another piece of furniture, or wall mounted. All of these simple options can be useful and creative as you craft the design that you want. But, it will take time on your part to really assess the space and see not only what you have room for but also what you want to achieve.

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Aside from the location, other factors to consider when you are learning how to make a desk are what you expect it to do.

You’ll want to consider:  

  • Storage space
  • Height and Length necessary for adequate work
  • Purpose of desk (i.e. work or home use)
  • Desired look and appeal (i.e. modern v. classic)

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Gathering Supplies

Once you have assessed your space and the purpose of the desk you are choosing, it is time to begin the construction phase. It is now time to purchase the supplies! Building a desk for your home may differ slightly from the following example but this is provided as a way for visual imagery and clarity so that you can see how simple the process can be. For the one in this example, the construction will be for something that is wall mounted which provides adequate leg room with no extending support structures on the ground.


  • Piece of wood – can be in any color or desired length. Be sure it is thick enough that splitting will not be an issue. The store from which you are purchasing can help determine this for you as well as cut the wood
  • Screws – for mounting into the wall
  • Drill
  • L-Brackets for support
  • Level

Simple black desk
Making It

Now that you have all your supplies, building it will be much easier than you think. Find the location in your room and ensure that you are not in a location with any hazards such as wires in the wall. Next, you need to attach at least two L-brackets into the wall where you will want the desk to be placed. The brackets must be mounted into the studs in order to make sure that they are secured. Use a level to make sure that your brackets are affixed and level.

The final step is correctly mounting your desk. You will want to ensure that not only is it in the wall correctly but also affixed to your desk. These brackets are simple to install if you know where the studs are and easy to attach to it as well. Make sure that you adhere them with the proper hardware appropriately in order to ensure stability. Once done, you are now ready to pull up a seat and work. You will also be able to tell your friends and family that you built this project by yourself!
Simple computer desk